Like many of you, I depend upon NAC MAX™ to help maintain my health. Because I am an inflammatory patient, my body has to keep damaging oxidation under control. Otherwise, it can harm my vessels, organs, and ultimately can affect brain chemistry. The journey through those health problems is not something I ever want to relive! NAC MAX™ is critical for me to maintain my health (and my extraordinarily busy lifestyle)!

So, why is NAC MAX™ no longer available on Amazon?! 

I understand how distressing this is! I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the situation. The first thing to know is, this has nothing to do with NAC MAX! 

On May 6th, Amazon issued a public statement confirming that all supplements containing N-acetylcysteine (NAC) would be removed from the marketplace. Their decision applied to every company, large and small.

But why? Well, the FDA made some perplexing claims about NAC last July. Long story short, the FDA claims to have studied NAC as a drug back in 1963. So, they say, NAC is (maybe) still a drug. 

This was enough uncertainty for Amazon to remove products, but not for anyone else. Major retailers are still marketing and selling supplements containing NAC (and so is TJ Nutrition®). 

NAC has been used for decades as a supplement, but recently, it became apparent that NAC can be a great therapeutic option for COVID infection (and Post-COVID Longhaulers). (the website for clinical trials) reveals many new studies to confirm the efficacy of NAC as a treatment for COVID. Of course, supplements cannot “treat” disease, otherwise, they would be classified as a drug, hence the shift in thinking by the FDA.

I plan to keep NAC MAX™ available to all of us at I understand your fears of losing such a powerful product and will do everything possible to keep it available for us all. I will watch the progress of the FDA negotiations closely and keep you abreast of their decision process. Meanwhile, I continue to take NAC MAX™ three times a day.

You can still order NAC MAX™ on TJ Nutrition®! Shopping is fast and easy with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. Just go to our NAC MAX™ product page to get started. 

One more thing: I believe in you, your experiences, and the power of NAC MAX™ to improve lives. It’s my deepest honor to serve you, and I’ll always have your back. 

Gentle Hugs, 

Dr. Diana Driscoll, Founder, TJ Nutrition®