The Patient’s Researcher!

An authority on the autonomic nervous system, Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist, FAAO, is a world-renowned expert on POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and other conditions previously considered to be “invisible”. A devoted researcher with four patents to date, she continues to push forward with dramatic shifts in the evaluation and treatment of these conditions.

Originally a patient, she was able to move quickly through research by self-funding most of her studies — to get answers for patients today.  She has dedicated her life to helping those affected, earning her the title of “The Patient’s Researcher”.

Below you will find links to some of her work.

Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist

About Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist

Learn everything there is to know about Diana Driscoll, OD, FAAO, from her personal story to her qualifications, awards, and credentials.

POTS Treatment

POTS Care® is the only clinic dedicated to treating the underlying medical causes of POTS.

POTS Care Package™

POTS Care Package™ features a smart app with months of audio support from Diana Driscoll, OD—with the tools, technology, and supplementation you need to beat POTS.


Choose from a collection of powerful supplements designed by Dr. Driscoll and backed by a decade of research—includes the patented Parasym Plus™, Digestive Enzymes, and NAC MAX™.

Dry Eye Research

Learn about Dr. Driscoll's ground-breaking research concerning the role of the autonomic nervous system in chronic dry eye.

Autonomic Research

View a sampling of Dr. Diana Driscoll's research concerning the autonomic nervous system, POTS, dysautonomia, and chronic dry eyes.


Hear from real patients who have sought the help of Dr. Driscoll, OD, FAAO, and the POTS Care® Clinic.


Read Dr. Driscoll’s groundbreaking publications on the true causes of POTS, EDS, and invisible illnesses, newly revised and updated for 2021. Includes “The Driscoll Theory.”


Check-in regularly to keep up with the latest news, announcements, and interviews featuring Dr. Driscoll – right here on our press page.


Dr. Driscoll has received both U.S. and Canadian patents. This is information concerning some of those patent awards.

Interviews and Lectures

Watch interviews, podcasts, and lectures featuring Dr. Driscoll and her fight against invisible illnesses.


Explore an updated collection of articles, papers, and studies written by Dr. Driscoll and focused on the science and treatment of invisible illnesses.


Visit our resources page for easy, informative content on POTS, Dry Eye, and dysautonomia. Perfect to share with family members, fellow patients, and doctors.

Ask Dr. Driscoll: Expert Advice for Patients & Families

Dr. Diana Driscoll, optometrist, responds to real questions from patients with POTS, EDS, and CFS in her monthly Q&A column, “Ask Dr. Driscoll.”

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