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My name is Dr. Diana Driscoll, Clinical Director of POTS Care® and creator of Parasym Plus™. POTS controlled me and my family for ten years. Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to POTS treatment and research.

Below you’ll find helpful links to my work, research, products, and success stories from patients and their families.

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Dr. Diana Driscoll

Dr. Diana Driscoll

Dr. Diana Driscoll's Story

Read the inside story of Dr. Driscoll’s POTS recovery, her groundbreaking research, and how she’s helped hundreds of POTS and EDS patients live happy, healthy lives.

A Podcast with BetterHealthGuy

Watch Dr. Driscoll explain how the Vagus Nerve functions and its connection to Inflammatory POTS and digestive disorders.

Dr. Diana Driscoll's Credentials & Awards

See Dr. Driscoll’s licenses, qualifications, publications, research, and awards.


POTS Care® Clinic

POTS Care® is the only clinic dedicated to treating the underlying medical causes of POTS, not just the symptoms.


Read inspirational stories from POTS patients who recovered with the help of Dr. Driscoll and POTS Care® clinic.


See the official patents for Parasym Plus™, now approved for POTS, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), constipation, dry eyes, and immunological disorders.


POTS & Dysautonomia Research

View a collection of Dr. Driscoll’s most important POTS & dysautonomia research.

Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC

Visit Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC, the research company at the heart of Dr. Driscoll’s search for answers.

Correcting The Missing Piece in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Driscoll’s study is the first time that low acetylcholine levels have been suggested as a cause of the symptoms in CFS/ME.


TJ Nutrition®

Explore a unique collection of supplements designed by Dr. Driscoll and backed by a decade of research—includes the popular Parasym Plus™, Digestive Enzymes, and NAC MAX™.

Vagus Nerve Support™

Shop a unique collection of patented supplements designed to support healthy cognition, digestion, and energy levels for people dealing with POTS and dysautonomia.

Beta Balance™

Support your body from head-to-toe with advanced supplementation for brain, vascular, immune, and bone health—plus antioxidant-rich blends for sensitive stomachs.


A Handout For Eye Doctors

Get “My Eyes and EDS,” a free guide to common ocular problems and recommended testing for EDS patients and their doctors.

The Driscoll Theory®

Dr. Diana Driscoll explores the hidden causes of POTS and how you can recover to live a happy, healthy life.

Your Eyes and EDS

Dr. Diana Driscoll breaks down the connection between EDS and ocular problems in this guide for patients and doctors.


Dry Eye Treatment

Genetic Disease Investigators announced the receipt of their second patent, a dry eye treatment that works by targeting the autonomic nervous system.

Organ Dysfunction

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office issued a patent to Genetic Disease Investigators for its new method of treating organ dysfunction by stimulating the vagus nerve.

Invisible Illnesses

In this article for Disabled World, expert Dr. Diana Driscoll discusses the origin of “invisible illnesses” and how they should be treated.